Because we were never meant to parent alone.

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What would it feel like to be supported during all the ages and stages of your parenting journey?

  • Do you ever wish you had a community of parents to connect with, ask advice of, and share your struggles with?
  • Have you ever found yourself yelling at your child and asked “How do I make them listen?”
  • When was the last time you felt exasperated by your child talking back and being disrespectful but felt like your threats weren't working?
  • Do you worry about child sexual abuse, but wonder how to keep your child safe and feel unsure about the best way to talk them?
  • Have you ever listened to your children bickering and fighting and wondered “Will they ever get along?”
  • Are you exhausted from battling your tween or teen over screen time and wonder how to connect with them? 
  • Have you ever thought "We're doing okay, but "just okay" isn't where we want to be. How do we get from good to great?"
  • Do you crave time to take care of yourself and "put yourself on the list", but feel bogged down by the demands of parenting?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  But maybe you’ve been parenting as if you are.

We were never meant to parent in isolation without support or guidance.  It takes a village, right?  Many of us know that and want to create a meaningful legacy for our families and our children but we struggle with how to do that. 

Can you relate? Yes? 

The Heartful Parent Academy is for YOU.

The Academy is a transformational membership for parents who strive to be thoughtful, intentional, and heartful as they parent, but want the support of a trained parenting professional to guide and support them on their way.

The Heartful Parent Academy empowers parents to:

  • Deepen their relationships with their children
  • Build meaningful love and connection
  • Create healthy and lasting legacies
  • Rediscover joy in the parenting journey
  • THRIVE in their parenting journey rather than spending days merely SURVIVING


The benefits are countless.

For only $29/month, how will the Academy serve you?

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The Benefits of Membership

A Parent Coach On Speed Dial

  • Twice-monthly access to a parent coach to address your parenting challenges during office hours;
  • Individualized attention and support;
  • “Mini-modules” presented to deepen your parenting toolbox;
  • Addresses issues for parents from toddlers to teens;
  • Support and learn from other heartful parents.

Crucial Parenting How-To's

  • Groundbreaking parenting education and how-to videos not available anywhere else!
  • Presented in short easy-to-digest video chapters;
  • Research-based content;
  • Abuse-prevention and safety education;
  • Positive discipline guidance;
  • New content uploaded regularly!

Perspective-Shifting Masterclasses

  • Exclusive access to online trainings with other professionals;
  • Members-only Q&A with each expert;
  • Exposure to new ideas, approaches, and information;
  • Wide-ranging topics from your child’s “digital dossier” to improving your communication skills, to parenting effectively with a partner and more!


Heartful, Connected Community

  • Parent in community-the way we were meant to!
  • Combat feelings of isolation and stop wondering “is it just my kid?”;
  • Meet other like-minded, heartful parents;
  • Connect in safe, confidential ways;
  • Celebrate (and commiserate) the daily joys and realities of parenting!

Highly-Engaged Online Connections

  • Positive and regular support in a highly-engaged group;
  • Judgement-free collaboration;
  • Near-immediate support and answers to current challenges;
  • Weekly Facebook Live sessions on mindfulness and positive discipline (Mindful Mondays and Tip Tuesdays);
  • Thought-provoking questions to ponder in Wednesday Wonders and Fun Question Fridays;
  • Important avenue for connection.

Facilitated Discussions on Groundbreaking Books and Documentaries

  • Quarterly discussions on groundbreaking parenting books and thought-provoking documentaries
  • Structured and constructive discussions;
  • Members walk away with action-items so that learning is productive;
  • 2020 books include “How To Raise an Adult," “Parenting From The Inside Out,” and "Raising White Kids."

Transformational Monthly Deep Dive Sessions


  • Live monthly explorations into specific aspects of parenting identified by members as subjects of interest;
  • Thoughtful presentations designed to actively facilitate meaningful change;
  • Recent topics included "Identifying Your Core Values and How They Impact your Parenting" and "The What, When, Why, Where, and How of Family Meetings."

Christy's Unique Expertise

  • 100% unique combo of credentials
  • National expert on child sexual abuse and sexual assault;
  • Certified Parent Coach®;
  • Certified Positive Discipline Instructor;
  • Certified Educator through The Gottman Institute;
  • Licensed Attorney (WA Bar);
  • Former criminal prosecutor(~20 years);
  • Member of the National Coalition for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

What will The Heartful Parent Academy do for you?

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About The Academy's Founder

Christy Keating founded The Heartful Parent and The Heartful Parent Academy with the singular mission to ensure that every parent gets the support they need on their parenting journey. 

As a renowned international speaker and group facilitator, Christy provides one-on-one coaching and consulting services to parents and teaches workshops for both professionals and parents all over the country.  

Christy is a Certified Parent Coach® through the Parent Coach Institute (credentialed through Seattle Pacific University), a Certified Positive Discipline Instructor, a Certified Gottman Institute Educator, and has completed the Professionals Intensive through Hand in Hand Parenting.  She is also a long-time leader and speaker at the Program for Early Parent Support. 

In addition to her work as a parent coach, Christy is a licensed attorney with an expertise in the prosecution of sexually violent predators and offers child safety workshops, presentations, and coaching through The Heartful Parent’s sister company, Savvy Parents Safe Kids. In light of her credentials, Christy was selected for membership in the National Coalition for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

Christy loves helping parents find more love, joy, and connection in their families and with their children by helping them discover newfound energy in their parenting, develop an appreciation for what they have and who they are, and create sustainable ways to achieve their vision or dream for their family.

Christy lives in the greater Seattle area with her husband, two daughters, and a small bevy of animals.

Read more about Christy here.

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Hilary H., Member

"I started working with Christy because I watned to parent differently than I was parented, but didn't know exactly how. Between my job and the day to day messiness of young kids, I don't have time to read a lot of parenting books, so it was so helpful to have someone pull from so many relevant approaches and synthesize the abundance of information into a meaningful strategy that felt right for me. I am confident that my work with Christy has made me both a better parent as well as a happier person. I would recommend her wholeheartedly!"

Mandie L., Member &Owner of Starling Agency Nanny Placement

As a parent, professional educator, and nanny agency owner, I cannot recommend Christy's...program enough!  I was first introduced to her coaching style during a parent-education seminar and was instantly in awe. I felt inspired to join her network in order to support my little one through that special period of toddler life-you know the one! Since engaging with [The Academy] our once tense day-to-day now feels joyful and connected.  Thank you isn't enough, Christy. Our family is back to cherishing the toddler years."

Jamie B., Member

"One of the things that stands out most to me about Christy is she is both walking the walk and talking the talk.  She empathizes with the realities of parenting and gives tangible strategies to try.  Her unique background and attention to the research gives her the extra edge above a traditional parenting coach or one of the books in the huge "parenting" section at the library! Who has time for that? I love the short videos and ability to engage when we need it most." 


Sarah M., Member

"Positively life-changing for the better!"


Scott and May J., Members

"Christy does incredible work and has a great approach to helping parents be the best that they can be."

Hala L., Client and Fellow Coach

"Thank you Christy for being a wonderful parent coach!! Our house is more peaceful, more connected and more joyful!"

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The Heartful Parent Philosophy

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Why waste time just surviving when you could be THRIVING?

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